Is 2017 BMW M2 something new?

Even though the BMW made a grand announcement of the upcoming 2017 BMW M2 we cannot really say that they gave their best to make it any different than the previous version of this model. Most of the styling feature as well as engine options stayed unchanged and this might seriously damage the popularity and excitement towards its release. Still there are those who believe in BMW and their common sense and are giving the primacy to the quality and already recognized power that it possesses. But what do you think?

2017 BMW M2 Front

2017 BMW M2 Something new or borrowed

When it comes to the 2017 BMW M2 exterior design we have to conclude that not many things have changed concerning the same still there are some refreshing details. The new 2017 BMW M2 will be much more sophisticated model with not many sharp lines and imposing structure. At the front part of the vehicle the new deeper bumper has been inserted, there will be triple ventilation system and typical dual grille. Its body will be significantly lighter that the one of its predecessors which will give it better dynamics as well as great efficiency.

2017 BMW M2 Interior

Its cabin won’t undergo any drastic changes but will keep the level of comfort and equipment pretty high. There will be quite welcoming feeing inside of 2017 BMW M2 which is accomplished due to the soft material covers, pleasant inner temperature, great amount of natural light but also great isolation from the outer noises and UV radiation. All the windows and locks will be electronically controlled and the driver won’t have much problem managing the vehicle and adapting the cabin to the needs of other passenger onboard. There will be enough space for five passengers and large amount of luggage. Concerning the technological features you will all be quite satisfied with it but the detailed specification is still unavailable to us.

2017 BMW M2 Engine specs

The engine options won’t be much different than the one in the previous version of the model but we will give it a try. The standard one will be a 3.0-liter V6 with the creation of 365 horsepower as well as immaculate 343 pound-feet of torque and it will be paired with 6-speed manual transmission system and xDrive all-wheel drive. In less than 4.5 seconds the new 2017 BMW M2 will be able to reach 62 mph which is fantastic and to develop top speed of 155 mph.

2017 BMW M2 Rear

2017 BMW M2 Final touch

The new 2017 BMW M2 has been introduced at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and it tickled the minds of the audience present, still the release date has not been specified but it is believed that it might happen during the spring months of the 2017 year and for the starting price of approximately $50 000 you can get the base version.

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