2020 Tesla Roadster engine

For year Tesla Company have been announcing the production of the new Roadsters model we finally got some more specific information about the 2020 Tesla Roadster. Even though we are all disappointed for having if this delayed we are hoping that it will be wisely used to make it super-upgraded and improved.

2020 Tesla Roadster Front

2020 Tesla Roadster Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of the new 2020 Tesla Roadster is still a matter of speculations. The expectations are many and it seems that its manufacturers will give its best to make it a perfect as possible. Its bodylines will be quite sharp, with the extended nose part and quite potent alloy wheels. The front fascial will be decorated with ellipsoidal grille with shutter-like bars and new ventilation system. There are also some rumors about it coming out with the brand-new “Gen 3” platform which will improve its performances as well as fuel consumption.

2020 Tesla Roadster Interior

The interior will be one thing you cannot forget. It will be clad with the finest materials with the metallic accents and decorative stitching. The cabin of the new 2020 Tesla Roadster will give you enough space to feel comfortable and safe at the same time. This will be a two seater which seats can be adjusted, heated and ventilated if necessary. The technological part will be equally attractive as the design part. Some of the devices that might become part of the new Roadster will be Wi-Fi, hands-free phone, large display with the necessary information about the vehicle, air conditioning, and satellite navigation.

2020 Tesla Roadster Engine

Tough most of the information about the 2020 Tesla Roadster are under the vail of mystery we are about to take a peek under the new model hood. According to some information there will be the engine with the brans-new “Ludicrous” mode which will make it one of the fastest EV models at the market. It will be able to pass over 400 miles with only one charging as well as to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds which is quite impressive.

2020 Tesla Roadster Side

2020 Tesla Roadster Price and Release

Upon the seeing the year of production of this new model we can conclude that it will be a vehicle of future. Even though we have to wait incredibly long for its grand debut some sources say that it might happen even a bit earlier like in January of 2019 year or so, but we are about to see if it is possible. When it comes to the pricing it is expected to be rather high. So, for the base model of 2020 Tesla Roadster we will have to pay around $125,000 while the more advanced model will reach $150,000.

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