2017 VW Beetle a mighty bug!

The oldest model which has been present through all the revolutionary movements will have its new generation released during the 2017 year and you are going to love it. Yes, this is the fantastic 2017 VW Beetle, small but powerful vehicle which will make you feel wonderful and cheeky. Since its first release till today the Beetle has gone through so many transformation processes in order to suit the audience but the essence of the Beetle models has remained the same and beautiful as always.

2017 VW Beetle Front

2017 VW Beetle Mighty bug

Due to the utterly modern design the new 2017 VW Beetle will be especially attractive to the younger audience. It will make you quite eye-catching and powerful at the same time. It will have a typical Beetle exterior design with the well-rounded body structure with the sloppy hood ending with wonderful circular headlights as well as large fog lights and square ventilation system bellow. It will be offered in vast number of color options and will have the alloy wheels ranging between 17 or 19.0-inches. It will be lightweight, dynamic and efficient model which will bring out the best emotions in you. And the most visible change will be its size which will be significantly bigger than the one of the previous models.

2017 VW Beetle Interior

The interior will be even more interesting. Inside the new 2017 VW Beetle there will be enough space for five passengers who will have enough ample space, natural light and number of lavish materials. There will be polished dark leather in combination with the radiant color elements on the door panels, dashboard and steering wheel. The central part will be occupied with the large touch screen system as well as some of the control knobs. The seats will be covered in either leather or fabric with separate storage space and number of safety features. There will also be a brand new audio system, climate control, Internet connection as well as full power accessorize.

2017 VW Beetle Impressive performances

When it comes to its performances the new 2017 VW Beetle will be nicely supplied. It will be using the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with the ability to develop the output of around 210 horsepower and 230 lb-ft of torque and all that in combination with 6-speed automatic gear box. This will all make it super-fast for the vehicle of its kind, and although we are still not supplied with the information about its fuel economy we believe that it will be quite impressive.

2017 VW Beetle Side

2017 VW Beetle How long till it’s out?

The possible period for the release of new 2017 VW Beetle will be the March of 2017 year which will be ideal but might be postponed as well, it all depends on 2017 VW Beetle manufacturers. The starting price of this cheeky model will come around the sum of $22 000 which is one of its most attractive features and we are quite satisfied with it as well.

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