2017 Trion Nemesis price

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to the extraordinary vehicles at the market you are so wrong and Trion will prove it. This quite unique and elite car manufacturer is about to release the brand-new model called 2017 Trion Nemesis and it will dazzle us all with its incredible features.

2017 Trion Nemesis Front

2017 Trion Nemesis Exterior and Interior

The aggressive appearance of the new 2017 Trion Nemesis will be quite an attraction at the market and will be hard to be overlooked. The body will be lightweight, nicely sculptured with the extraordinary curves and edges all over it. It will be offered in number of interesting color options which will be made even more beautiful with the addition of the brand-new LED headlights and impressive ventilation system.

2017 Trion Nemesis Interior

The upcoming 2017 Trion Nemesis will have a space shuttle like interior design with gloving and minimalistic design. There won’t be knows on its instrument board but it will have one large touchscreen in the place of central console through which the managing of the vehicle will be made. It will contain all you need to know about the vehicle and will offer a number of entertainment options as well. The interior temperature will be regulated by new automatic climate control; there will also be cruise control, satellite navigation, Internet and Bluetooth connection and many others. The cabin will be furnished with leather and will offer seats for only two persons. There won’t be much space but will be incredibly comfortable as well.

2017 Trion Nemesis Engine

The engine options will be highly influenced by the version of the 2017 Trion Nemesis chosen. So, Nemesis S will be using 100 kWh li-ion battery with the creation of around 1,000 hp. The second trim or Nemesis ER will be equipped with the engine of 1,200 horsepower. The next one will be Nemesis GT V6 engine which is about to generate 1,400 horsepower. And the last and most powerful one will be 2017 Trion Nemesis RR with production of 2,000 horsepower. The first three engines will be paired with a 7-speed transmission system while the second one will make a powerful combo with an 8-speed transmission system. These engines and performances will make 2017 Trion Nemesis one of the fastest EV models at the market.

2017 Trion Nemesis Rear

2017 Trion Nemesis Price and Release

Nothing about this vehicle is more certain than the exorbitance if its price tag. Since 2017 Trion Nemesis has been announced as a limited edition, luxurious sporty model with the starting price of $1 million which will most certainly be a discouraging element for buying it. It launching will most likely happen in September of 2016 year or the February of 2017 year which will depend on a necessity for further improvements.

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