2017 Tesla Model Y exterior

Although Tesla car manufacturers have already announced the intriguing Model 3 they could not help it but to make us even more interested with the announced for another spectacular sporty model -2017 Tesla Model Y which will most likely be available at the same time as Model 3 but will have the wonderful details of its own to offer.

2017 Tesla Model Y Front

2017 Tesla Model Y Exterior and Interior

The new 2017 Tesla Model Y will be a vehicle which will make you wait anxiously for the 2017 years car market. Its eye-catching element will be the futuristic beauty of its design along with great performances. It will have the immaculate body structure with the impressive aerodynamics accomplished through the lowered nose part and low stance of the vehicle. The structure of the vehicle will be made out of feather light materials which will reduce vehicle’s weight and improve its performance and lower fuel consumption. It will be offered in number of color options as well as different variants of alloy wheels.

2017 Tesla Model Y Interior

Interior wise, the new 2017 Tesla Model Y will be utterly modern and sporty with many refreshments but not completely authentic design. Though it won’t be that spacious it will provide its two passengers with more than enough space to feel cozy and relaxed. There will also be the important safety features as well as number of technological features which enable it to follow modern trends and demands set by the market. The seats will be leather-trimmed, supportive and adjustable the way passengers like it. The inner surfaces will be well illuminated and covered in genuine materials which will make it look polished and lavish as well.

2017 Tesla Model Y Engine

As most of the Tesla models this one will also be hybrid version which quite powerful performances. Its electric motor will be combined with the two batteries, one of 60 kWh and the second one with 85 kWh which will both be quite powerful. The one with the first type of battery will be able to develop an output of 400 hp while the second one will come to 700 hp and this is amazing. We are still not familiar with the 2017 Tesla Model Y transmission and driving mode options but we are sure that they will be just positive elements.

2017 Tesla Model Y Rear

2017 Tesla Model Y Price and Release

Since the new 2017 Tesla Model Y has been introduced to the market audience somewhere at the same time as the upcoming 2017 Tesla Model 3 we are sure that it will come out at the same time as this model, which means March 31st 2017 year. In terms of its pricing 2017 Tesla Model Y will be offered for the sum of $50 000 which is rather affordable for the vehicle of its quality and performances.

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