2017 McLaren 675LT Spider release

The McLaren keeps up a good work when it comes to its recognizable sporty models which are about to leave its rivals in the clouds of dust. Anyway this time this famous company is about to release one more successful model named 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider which will most certainly be one of the most attractive models at sporty section and we will tell you why.

2017 McLaren 675LT Spider Front

2017 McLaren 675LT Spider Design

Most of the exterior features will be subordinate to the better performance. This is why the upcoming 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider will have small, bullet-like body structure with the incredible aerodynamics. It will have muscular body decorated with large ventilation system, thin LED headlights and remodeled bumper. The rear part will be refreshed with the addition of the new titanium exhaust system.

2017 McLaren 675LT Spider Interior

When it comes to the cabin of the new 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider it will be rather simple, sporty and polished. The materials used for its wrapping will be leather, carbon fiber and aluminum which will make it look powerful as well as welcoming. It will be able to receive only two passengers who will have the honor to enjoy in all the quality features it will offer. Its interior will be perfectly isolated and equipped with all the necessary safety features. Another quite important element of a modern day vehicles is the technological segment which in this model won’t be lacking. Some of these will be automatic climate control, new audio system, Internet connection, full power accessorize, rear view camera and cruise control. All in all we can say that the interior of the new 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider will be a perfect package ready to be opened.

2017 McLaren 675LT Spider Engine

The new 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider will be a rightful competitor for the super-fast vehicles top space, being equipped with the most powerful engine and incredible performances. The engine being utilized will be a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 unit with the generation of approximately 666 horse power along with fantastic torque of 516 lb/ft which makes it utterly powerful and awesome. This engine will be twinned with 7-speed dual clutch transmission system and will enable vehicle to reach max speed of 203 mph and to sprint to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds which is totally amazing. The fuel consumption is likely to be high but we believe that its manufacturers will have enough time to make a change in this section.

2017 McLaren 675LT Spider Rear

2017 McLaren 675LT Spider Price and Release

Well we all know that McLaren already traditionally has utterly expensive luxury models which are unavailable to mere mortals and will be the prestigious possessions. The starting price of the new 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider will come round the amount of $ 385.000 which will put it out of our reach but it won’t stop us from wanting it still.  The possible release date will be March of 2017 year or might even happen earlier, at the end of the 2016 year or so.

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