2017 Honda Pilot arrival!

Honda vehicles have been widely recognized for its unique styling and quality structures and powertrains. The new 2017 Honda Pilot will be a typical representative of its family with the number of incredible novelties and refreshing details which will most certainly make its popularity going. It will be a perfect family model but it won’t be less attractive to the individuals who like to enjoy in high-level of comfort during the ride. It will look utterly sophisticated but we are not sure which part of it will be its biggest strength and this is why we are giving you the opportunity to draw your own conclusions concerning this new model.

2017 Honda Pilot Front

2017 Honda Pilot Fresh new looks

In comparison to the previous versions of the Pilot model we had the chance to see we can say that the new 2017 Honda Pilot has kept some elements of its predecessors but was also adjusted to the modern day driver’s needs. It will be slightly bigger due to the new chassis used but will have the same and maybe even lighter than the previous versions which will have a positive impact on its performance as well as efficiency. It will have great aerodynamics as well, which has been accomplished with the addition of shorter but sloppy hood. It will also get redesigned bumper, wide shutter-like grille and large LED headlights. The rear part might get new headlights along with new exhaust system there will also be number of colors such as Dark Cherry Pearl, White Diamond Pearl, Black Forest Pear and Obsidian Blue Pearl, which will make the vehicle more personalized.

2017 Honda Pilot Interior

The interior on the other hand will get a number of improvements and technological upgrades which will make it ultra-modern. There will be three rows of seats which will be covered in leather of light color and will be quite supportive and could be adjusted and folded in order to make larger cargo space at the back. The new 2017 Honda Pilot will offer a high level of comfort and safety as well due to the great isolation and the utilization of the premium materials for its furnishing. The 2017 Honda Pilot central part of the vehicle will be quite will organized and transparent to the driver, who won’t have any problem to manage the vehicle. Most of the devices will be electronically controlled as well as doors and windows. The inner temperature can be regulated through dual-zone climate control, the vehicle’s condition can be monitored through the interactive display, and there will be satellite navigation, Internet connection and rear view camera.

2017 Honda Pilot Power expectations

For now we are sure for only one engine option for the new 2017 Honda Pilot and this will be a 3.5L V6 engine with the production of 290 horsepower as well as 267 pound feet of torque in combination with a six speed automatic transmission. It will possess three suspensions Snow, Sand and Mud and will develop the fuel rating of 27 mpg on a highway, 19 mpg in the city and 22 mpg combined.

2017 Honda Pilot Rear

2017 Honda Pilot Arrival and price

The 2017 Honda Pilot starting price for this lovely family model will reach the sum of $30 000 which is quite affordable and it won’t have a negative impact on its quality. 2017 Honda Pilot might reach the market till the end of this year or till May of 2017 year.

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