2017 Ford Falcon release

The 2017 year has been booked for the release of the new Ford model which will dazzle you all. The brand-new 2017 Ford Falcon will all you ever dreamed of when it comes to the level of quality, equipment and performances of a vehicle. This will be a full-size car with a great combination of sporty elegance. It is a very popular model in Australia but the US Falcon fans won’t stay immune to its charms.

2017 Ford Falcon Front

2017 Ford Falcon Exterior and Interior

The base idea for this model came from the Mustang models from which it received the four-door platform. The front part will be elegantly extended and made more aggressive with the addition of the new angular LED lights with chrome frames at the ends of the honeycomb-like grille. There will also be quite luminous fog lights as well as wider air vents. The rear part will also receive new LED technology but thinner one and possibly new exhaust system. With all these incredible details the new 2017 Ford Falcon will be very attractive and will become quite desirable travel companion.

2017 Ford Falcon Interior

The interior will be quite roomy and supplied with number of technological features which will make 2017 Ford Falcon more appropriate for the modern day demands. Some of its high-tech elements will be a touchscreen display, modern audio system, full power accessorize, cruise control, air-conditioning, and Internet connection. The inner surfaces will be covered in premium quality materials with metallic accents. The leather upholstery can receive five passengers with ease and enough level of comfort.

2017 Ford Falcon Engine

In terms of the driving force the upcoming 2017 Ford Falcon will be using one utterly powerful engine for now. This impressive engine will be a 5.0-liter V8 engine with the ability to develop an output of 471 hp as well as 420 pounds per foot of torque. This will enable 2017 Ford Falcon to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in merely 4.9 seconds and to develop maximum speed of 141 mph. The engine will be paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission as standard but there will also be a manual version the same speed transmission. Even though it might not be the most efficient vehicle you can find it will most certainly be the fastest.

2017 Ford Falcon Rear

2017 Ford Falcon Price and Release

With all the luxury and quality feature new 2017 Ford Falcon offers it will most certainly have rather high starting price but it will be worth every dime. The estimated starting price will reach the sum of $80,000. The new 2017 Ford Falcon will be specifically created for the Australian market but soon after its release there it will be released in Asia and US. The expected release period is the middle or end of the 2016 year which we are eagerly waiting for.

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