2017 Ford F350 Price tag, exterior

One of the most powerful super-duty models from the Ford family is about to have its grand debut till the end of this year and we are all quite excited about it. The new 2017 Ford F350 will be a truck worth admiring due to its powerful and enormous body structure, its amazing towing capacity and wisely designed interior. In comparison to its predecessors we can say that it won’t lack power and we are sure that its manufacturers will give their best to make it efficient as possible. 

2017 Ford F350 Front

2017 Ford F350 Truck firmness

As we already have mentioned the new 2017 Ford F350 will be the biggest of three F-series super-duty trucks and will be a vehicle that true truck enthusiasts won’t be able to resist.  The entire structure will be made out of the aluminum in order to reduce fuel consumption and to boost its performances. Concerning the stylistic details we can see that this is a refined model despite of its off-road nature. It will have a nicely rounded front part while the rear part will be rather edgy and boxy. The 2017 Ford F350 rear part will have only one exhaust pipe while the front will receive massive bumper with the powerful grille, C-shaped LED headlights and decorative chrome metallic details.

2017 Ford F350 Interior

Cabin wise, this mighty truck will offer more than just functionality and comfort. It will be quite luminous and covered with finest materials of which the seats will be covered with either leather or fabric which is absolutely stylish and pleasant to touch. There will be a place for five passengers which will be secured and entertained during the ride. The dashboard will be made in such way that is not a distraction for the driver and will enable him to manage the vehicle with ease and effortlessly. The air-conditioning, satellite navigation, new audio system, keyless ignition and HD radio will be just some of the modern day features it will offer to its future owners.

2017 Ford F350 Mighty engine

The engine which will supply 2017 Ford F350 with the incredible power and ability to carry the large cargo amount will be either 6.2-liter engine V-8 SOHC or 6.7-liter diesel engine V-8 Power Stroke of still unspecified performances. These both will be combined with the 10-speed automatic transmission system according to some sources while the others claim that the transmission options will remain the same as for the previous models and this is a six-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Ford F350 Side

2017 Ford F350 Price tag and appearance

As we already have announced the new 2017 Ford F350 is expected to appear at the market till the end of this year or more precisely in November 2016. The possible price 2017 Ford F350 might come out with is $70 000 which is expensive but will pay off.

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