2017 Dodge Journey, for adventurous journey!

If you are in a search for the new mighty SUV which will make you look glamorous during the urban city rides and safe and powerful passing the rough terrains the Dodge manufacturers have an offer you won’t be able to decline. This is new 2017 Dodge Journey, but what will be so attractive about it we are about to check out.

2017 Dodge Journey Front


2017 Dodge Journey Stylish details

Everything about the new 2017 Dodge Journey design is a well-hidden secret the manufacturers are still not willing to share their work with us so we have to make certain predictions about it which is not so hard to do. It has been announced as the smallest SUV from its family but the lightweight one as well. This will provide it with great dynamics and low fuel consumption. It is announced as more aggressive and imposing model so we expect a bit sharper structure, bigger air vents and LED headlights which will give it such effect.

2017 Dodge Journey Interior

As well as the exterior design the interior is even more complicated to be predicted but still we have no doubt that we will manage to guess most of its quality features. Though there is a reduction in size we have to say that the interior won’t be more cramped but it passengers will have all the comfort they need. The trim level will influence the usage of the materials for seats as well as number of equipment added. There will also be a large cargo space which can be even more extended with the folding of the rear seats while the front one will probably have the heating and position adjustments. Design wise, it will be rather functional, simple but effective. The technological equipment supplied might be an interactive display, rear view camera, automatic climate control, satellite navigation and premium audio system.

2017 Dodge Journey Performance description

As we have expected the new 2017 Dodge Journey has been armed with two quite impressive engine options which will make it able to sprint and consume less fuel. The  2017 Dodge Journey base one will be a 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder unit with the creation of around 220 horsepower with amazing 250 lb-ft of torque. The alternative one will be a 3.6-liter V6 which will provide the vehicle with 305 horsepower which is great.  These units will be combined with the all-wheel drive mode and a 9-speed automatic transmission system which will cooperate just fine.

2017 Dodge Journey  Rear

2017 Dodge Journey When and how much question is now

Though we are all anxiously waiting for its appearance at the market it has been anticipated that the new 2017 Dodge Journey will come out during the second half of the 2017 year or more precisely in September and we have to keep out cool till then. When it comes to the price the new 2017 Dodge Journey will be surprisingly affordable which will make it just more attractive than ever. The starting price won’t be less than $25 000 which is fantastic.

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