2016 Toyota 4Runner interior, price

The Toyota’s enthusiasts will be happy to know that the quite popular 4Runner model will get its improved, polished and empowered version which will see the light at the 2016 years market. The new 2016 Toyota 4Runner will be a mighty SUV with number of powerful engine option and high-quality materials used in its production. But, if all these characteristics aren’t enough to convince you to buy it maybe more detailed information will.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Front

2016 Toyota 4Runner Exterior and Interior

2016 Toyota 4Runner will be a perfect off-road concept SUV due to the rough terrain design and equipment. Its firm and secure structure will enable you to challenge it durability while riding wherever you want to ride. It will receive a number of exterior colors which will enable its owner to personalize it more. The front part will be tastefully decorated with the new LED lights and remodeled chrome grille. Its body will be well clad and shaped and despite of its massiveness it will be quite lightweight in comparison to its predecessors.  For the purpose of its building 2016 Toyota 4Runner’s engineers used the lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber which significantly reduced its total weight and improved it performances as well as fuel economy.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Interior

The interior will offer all the features one modern day vehicles should offer. Its cabin will be utterly roomy and luminous and will be furnished with the finest materials. The 2016 Toyota 4Runner will be able to accommodate seven passengers on a cozy massive leather seats which are easy adjustable and quite supportive. There will also be a number of technological ads such as satellite navigation and radio, climate control, adaptive cruise control, Internet connectivity, and interactive display.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Engine

In terms of the engine 2016 Toyota 4Runner will be highly equipped and ready for the adventure. The possible engine which is about to be used is 4 liter V6 with the ability to produce 260 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque which is perfect for the off-road concept vehicle. Another engine option might be a TRD supercharged model of the mentioned engine which could develop 300 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. No matter which engine is about to be used it will be paired with the 5-speed automatic transmission system and all-wheel drive only.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Rear

2016 Toyota 4Runner Price and Release

When it comes to the release of the 2016 Toyota 4Runner, it might occur during the second half of the 2016 year. Even though we are still not familiar with the exact pricing for this new models we expect it to be competitive and a bit higher than the ones for the previous model with the sum of $ 34 000 for the base model only.

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