2016 Mitsubishi EVO

For years Mitsubishi has produced the excellent sports cars, 2016 Mitsubishi EVO will not be an exception. It will develop a prime, confident appearance with the refined inner features and latest technological advancements.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Front

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Exterior and Interior

Since there are no detailed specifications about 2016 Mitsubishi EVO, we can still let our imagination running wild. It is speculated that this vehicle will go through considerable changes which will give it a more aggressive front fascia. Front part of the vehicle will be refreshed by the usage of wide striking grille and luminous by the addition of new LED technology. The old Renault platform will become a part of history. 2016 EVO will be using specially created chassis which will make it a rightful rival at the market. An improved balance will be accomplished with the placement of the lithium-ion batteries behind the front seats.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Interior

2016 Mitsubishi EVO’s interior won’t be less impressive than its exterior design. It will be modern and futuristic and quite pleasant for both driver and passengers. The inner space will be furnished with high-quality cloth of leather material. It will offer cozy and functional seats. One of the most important features is technological advancements. And by these we have to mention: touch-screen display, keyless access, full power accessorizes satellite navigation and audio system, backup camera, Wi-Fi and iPod connectivity. 2016 Mitsubishi EVO’s whole structure will be carried on a 16 inches alloy wheels.  And important feature which will make this vehicle stand out from its Mitsubishi siblings will be the reduction of CO2 emissions which will contribute to its environment friendliness.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Engine

The new 2016 EVO will give us the option of choosing between two engines. These are diesel and electric variants.  The first engine shall be a 2.0 liters and four cylinders powerful turbocharged gasoline type. There are speculations about the possible hybrid version’s choice between two more engine models both combined with lithium-ion battery. The complete amount of power this mighty vehicle has to offer is estimated to 500 hp. 2016 Mitsubishi EVO will be a four-wheel drive vehicle with a Super All-Wheel Control.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Rear

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Price and Release date

When it comes to the official pricing for this magnificent creature has not been announced yet, still the expected starting price will be somewhere around $40,000 and could go up to $50,000. Concerning its grand debut it will most certainly take place in the second half of the year 2016.

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