2016 Mini Countryman specs, price

The release of the new 2016 Mini Countryman will make its enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. It will go through slight improvements and reconstruction which will help it to reach the top place at 2016 year’s market. The functional, roomy interior will make you want to stay there for the infinity. Bit besides this hidden paradise the most striking thing about it will be its exterior which will act as a magnet and impressive powertrains respectively.

2016 Mini Countryman Front

2016 Mini Countryman Exterior and Interior

The interesting boxy design inherited from its predecessors will remain. But there will also be slight improvements and authentic details. The big front grille will be embraced by the chrome fittings while the bumpers will be slightly remodeled. The 2016 Mini Countryman will be more eye-catching object with new Xenon and LED technology added to its lights.

2016 Mini Countryman Interior

The old-fashioned interior design will become a history. The 2016 Mini Countryman will have its instrument board redesigned and innovated. There will be a big central dial from which the vehicle will be easily manageable. Its boxy cabin will be quite spacious and comfortable which is another noticeable difference between this new model and its predecessors. The adjustable, functional, leather-trimmed seats will give the incredible sensation during the ride. The tech-ads applied to this vehicle are satellite navigation, latest audio system, climate controller and many more.

2016 Mini Countryman Engine

It is speculated that 2016 Mini Countryman might give us a surprise when it comes to its engines and their performances. The base Mini model will be using 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine with the ability of producing 135 bhp with 150 lb/ft of torque. Another engine choice might be a 2.0 liter with the ability to produce 200bhp with petrol and 170 bhp with diesel. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 8.0 seconds which is quite impressive for Mini model. The maximum speed it can reach is 134 mph and over. Despite of the version type the entire vehicle will have six-speed manual or automatic transmission and along with it front-wheel drive only or all-wheel drive.

2016 Mini Countryman Side

2016 Mini Countryman Price and Release date

The price for 2016 Mini Countryman will, as you probably have assumed, reach $ 23 000 for the base model and for the more advanced one it could go up to $ 25 000. The exact date of its launching is still unrevealed though it is expected to happen during the fall of 2016 year or even might be postponed for the beginning of 2017 for the further improvement.

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