2016 Mini Clubman interior, engine, price

The new Mini product will be all but miniature and significant. The 2016 Mini Clubman will be a big size vehicle which is not so typical trait of Mini family vehicles. It will be characterized by the exquisite design, authentic style and improved performances. With the improvements and upgrades made this new model will be able to follow the modern trends and become relevant at the 2016 year’s market. We think that Mini Clubman will come as a complete surprise for Mini fans but it will also attract the number of potential buyers. 

2016 Mini Clubman Front

2016 Mini Clubman Exterior and Interior

No one could ever imagine that the Mini vehicles of typical miniature size will come in a big size. And it surprized us a lot. The 2016 Mini Clubman will have its body extended and enlarged in comparison to its rather small size predecessors. So its will be  70.9 inches wide, 168.3 inches long and 56.7 inches tall. Its body will be place on a firm UKL1 chassis with only front-wheel drive. The spacious cabin will be able to receive five adult passengers with ease and comfort.

2016 Mini Clubman Interior

The high level of style end luxury won’t be missing in the interior either. The new 2016 Mini Clubman will offer many quality features and well-equipped interior. Some of the latest technological ads installed are Wi-Fi connectivity, 6.5-inch or 8.8-inch screen displays, satellite navigation, control speed, satellite navigation among many. The entire inner space has been covered in leather of different color pattern such as Indigo Blue or Burgundy. Its quite roomy cabin will be quite welcoming and relaxing which is enabled due to cozy leather coverd seats and intimate ambient lighting. The cargo space will still be restricted but desipite of that it will be enough for the weekend vacation luggage.

2016 Mini Clubman Engine

When it comes to the engine options in 2016 Mini Clubman, there will be two engine types. The first one will be four-cylinder Cooper S with the ability to develop 189 horsepower and 207 lb-ft which will be mated with 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission while the second one will be a three-cylinder Cooper with the production of 134 horsepower and 162 lb-ft combined with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission system.

2016 Mini Clubman Rear

2016 Mini Clubman Price and Release date

Even though this quite intriguing 2016 Mini Clubman has already been introduced to European market, we are still not certain when it will reach the US market as well. There are some expectations about it coming during the second half of the 2016 year. The price for this piece of pleasure won’t be that high but rather competitive and it will come around the sum of $26,800.

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