2016 Mercedes E-Class release, price

In order to keep its traditional popularity and production of the iconic vehicle high, Mercedes producers will most likely release new improved and polished model during the 2016 year. This will be a 2016 Mercedes E-Class one of the most popular models from Mazda family. Its engineers will give their best to make this new model a very desirable travel companion.

2016 Mercedes E-Class Front

2016 Mercedes E-Class Exterior and Interior

The new 2016 Mercedes E-Class mode will have elegant and utterly stylish exterior design. The structure of this incredible vehicle will be quite sleek and have smooth edges, and could be even the different metallic color choice, from which the silver one is most popular, with which the new owner can personalize its vehicle even more. The front fascia of 2016 Mercedes E-Class will be supplied with big chrome grille with large air intakes, remodeled bumper and new LED lights. Its body will be elegantly extended and made out of lightweight materials which will have an impact on its performances as well as fuel ratings.

2016 Mercedes E-Class Interior

The lavish interior will not be much different than the one available in its predecessors. The 2016 Mercedes E-Class will offer to its passengers a high level of comfort and fun during the ride. The level of comfort will be on the appropriate level and will be enhanced by the addition of the genuine materials. The seats will be leather-trimmed and adjustable to passenger’s needs. The dashboard will be quite effective but very functional and simple. The driver won’t be distracted and could effortlessly manage the vehicle. But it is not just the comfort that we need from a 2016 Mercedes E-Class; there also have to be some of the entertainment options as well as the devices which will make the inner atmosphere appropriate for the passengers. Some of these are 7-inch touch screen display, Olufsen audio system, Bluetooth and USB port, and automatic climate control.

2016 Mercedes E-Class Engine

Since the new 2016 Mercedes E-Class will be offering a six different engine options. The first and the base enigne will be 2.1L twin-turbo diesel I-4 E250 BlueTEC with the production of 195 horsepower along with 369 lb-ft of torque. Next one will be E400 hybrid model with the 3.5L V6 engine in combination with electric motor which can develop 302 hp as well as 273 lb-ft of torque. There will also be E350, E550 and E350 wagon available and they will all use 4.6L biturbo V8 engine with the production of 402 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. The last one will be AMG 4Matic sedan which will be using 5.5L AMG biturbo V8 engine with the generation of 550 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque.

2016 Mercedes E-Class Side

2016 Mercedes E-Class Price and Release

The price of the new 2016 Mercedes E-Class will mostly depend on a variant of the vehicle chosen. So, for the coupe version will be ranging from $52,000 to $59,000, while the convertible version will go from $60,000 to $67,000, the sedan models will come to the amount of $51,000 and the 2016 Mercedes E-Class cabriolet version will be available for $59,000. This extraordinary vehicle will be available somewhere during the second half of the 2016 year or even beginning of 2017 year.

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