2016 Lincoln Continental

From his first release in 1939 till today Lincoln Continental had its own ups and downs. With the introduction of new 2016 Lincoln Continental it seems that the old Concept glory will make an incredible comeback. And the expectations are on a high level. Though the detailed information about its inner design is still kept as a secret we can assume that what it will offer to us will be worth its legacy. What is certain is that 2016 Lincoln Continental will give us incredible design, performance as well as great fuel efficiency.

2016 Linkoln Continental Front

2016 Lincoln Continental Exterior and Interior

There are minimal differences between 2016 Lincoln Continental exterior design and the ones of its predecessors.  One significant change has been made in terms of its architecture which will have front-wheel-drive CD4 with the ability to be transferred into all-wheel drive. It is expected that this model will be the same as the Concept ones, except that it will be 200 inches long and with the extended wheel-base. 2016 Lincoln Continental body will have refined, smooth lines which will give it more masculine look which will most certainly turn-heads.

2016 Linkoln Continental Interior

The interior luxury will be supported by the leather upholstery, smooth surfaces and elegant chrome details. The whole inner space will radiate with elegance and authenticity. It will be equipped with soundproof windows which will result in outer noise reduction and more pleasant ride. The technological features specs are not available yet but it is expected to be supplied with Revel audio system, automatic climate controller, full power accessorize, wide range of infotainment options and many more.

2016 Lincoln Continental Engine

If you might wonder what kind of the engine this vehicle will be using, we have the answer to your question. 2016 Lincoln Continental will be empowered by a new 3.0-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine with the 9 of 10-speed automatic transmission. As a standard this car will be a front-wheel drive but will have a four-wheel drive as an alternative. Thanks to EcoBoost technology 2016 Lincoln Continental will have great fuel efficiency and will be an environment friendly vehicle.  There are also speculations that there will be a hybrid variant available as well, which is perfect for the eco-friendly people who know how to enjoy high-level luxury.

2016 Linkoln Continental Rear

2016 Lincoln Continental Price and Release

Concerning 2016 Lincoln Continental price range, it will be in accordance with the luxury and performance which it offers, which are pretty high. So, the anticipated price for it will be starting at $75,000. The precise release date has not been announce yet, though 2016 Lincoln Continental will certainly be launched during the next year, 2016.

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