2016 Land Rover Discovery price, release, interior

The off-road, rough and potent look has been replaced for the more stylish, non-aggressive and more urban outfit when it comes to the new Land Rover’s creation. The 2016 Land Rover Discovery will be something to look forward to at the 2016 year’s market. It will offer great performances, high-quality style and impressive fuel economy. 

2016 Land Rover Discovery Front

2016 Land Rover Discovery Exterior and Interior

The 2016 Land Rover Discovery will be a massive beauty despite only slight improvements on its exterior. A driver and seven passengers with all their cargo could be easily carried. It will get more refine and more tasteful appearance with the addition of modern LED technology to its head and rear lights which will also improve its visibility. Some other exterior additions will be black bundle and amalgam wheels, recognizable concealed rooftop, and security of the lower body. This off-road ugly duckling will grow into wonderful urban swan.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Interior

In terms of its exterior design the 2016 Land Rover Discovery will be quite spacious and comfortable vehicle. It will have its dimensions increased so that both driver and passengers could easily move and seat themselves comfortably in leather covered seats which are easily adjustable. The long tedious rides will become more entertaining and relaxing with new 2016 Land Rover Discovery. Some of the technological features it has to offer are iHeartRadio, InControl unit, 8-inch touch screen display, modern audio system, Android applications, air-conditioner and Parkopedia.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Engine

When it comes to the engine type this incredible vehicle will be using a 2-liter gas motor which is able to produce around 240 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 250lb ft. of torque from about 1,750rpm. This magnificent engine utilizes a low-idleness turbocharger along with direct fuel infusion. The twin balancing shaft is enabling the larger sums of refinement. The sheet-metal ventilation system enables the fast warming of the engine when driving on short distances. It will use 18.5 fuel gallons which makes it quite fuel efficient.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Rear

2016 Land Rover Discovery Price and Release

As it might already be concluded the 2016 Land Rover Discovery will have the price which will ranging depending on a trim level chosen. Though the exact pricing is still not set, it is believed that the starting price for the base SE model it will reach $38,000 while for the more luxurious model the future owner has to spend around $40,000. The official release date is still unknown still we expect it to happen at the second half of the 2016 year.

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