2016 Ford Ranger

Another great creation in a row of Ford Companies success has been introduced by new 2016 Ford Ranger. Even though some might find the 2016 Rangers design not fulfilling, it most certainly have made a great step forward in comparison to its predecessors. This vehicle will be a real eye-catcher and it will most certainly stand out from the crowd with is incredible performance and great fuel efficacy despite of its massiveness. It will be ideal choice for both on and off road ride.

2016 Ford Ranger Front

2016 Ford Ranger Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of 2016 Ford Ranger will radiate with strength and massiveness, but also with elegance. It will be more robust and considerably bigger than the previous models. The steel framing will give it a strong base and intensity. It will have small and rectangular grille and very attractive angler lights. Despite of its massive construction it will not be fuel devouring but rather fuel effective. 2016 Ford Ranger it a perfect vehicle for the adventurous souls who like to venture out of the city roads but also for the ones who knows how to enjoy in luxury city ride.

2016 Ford Ranger Interior

Because of a slight increase in size of its body, 2016 Ford Ranger is not as spacious as its main rivals at the market but its interior is not less impressive. It is furnished with the finest materials and supplied with leather-trimmed seats.  The inner space is quite creative and innovative which will make this vehicle fun as well as functional and elegant. On a high-definition 4 to 2 inches touch-screen could be find a number of infotainment and entertainment options and control systems. Some of the tech-adds offered will be automatic climate controller, audio system, Internet connectivity, keyless access, full power accessorize and many more.

2016 Ford Ranger Engine

Despite of truck’s strong appearance it is most likely that it will use a 4-cylinder engine as well as the optional diesel version. This full-size truck will most certainly will have the option of utilizing a 2.3L and 2.7L Eco boost engine in combination with V6, which makes quite natural and the best choice for this type of vehicle.

2016 Ford Ranger Rear

2016 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

Even though the release date for this magnificent vehicle is still unknown, it is expected to happen till the end of year, 2016. The pricing segment has not been officially announced; still the anticipated price for 2016 Ford Ranger is around $40,000.

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