2016 Ford GT price, specs, interior

The 2016 Ford GT has made a great breakthrough to the 2016 year’s market with its modern, futuristic design and extra fast speed rates. The powerful racing icon is born, and it will knock you down. The racing cars’ fans are losing their heads over this magnificent vehicle and are eagerly waiting for its release.

2016 Ford GT Front

2016 Ford GT Exterior and Interior

Its sharp sculptured and light body will be created out of the lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Its weight reduction will result in lower fuel consumption as well as the better performances. This vehicle will have an impressive down as well as drag force and its front part could be easily lowered with the bumps facing the road. An impressive feature of this outstanding car is its ability to release the hot air through the central part of its back lights. The Ford Company had anticipated a great success and the bright future for this extraordinary model.

2016 Ford GT Interior

In order to reach high speed ranks the reduction of the inner space was necessary to be made. But still it has everything a racing car owner needs and more. Sitting behind 2016 Ford GT leather covered steering wheel will make your adrenaline level grow while the purring sound of the potent motor will make you feel like a member of F1 elite ready for the race. The leather upholstery will be completely adjustable, cozy and supporting. The control panel will resemble the ones used in F1 vehicles and it will be easy manageable and near the driver. There will also be a wide range of safety and infotainment features and all kinds of technological accessorizes. Some of this high-tech elements will be automatic climate controller, keyless entry, modern audio system, navigation system, full power accessorize, backup camera and many more.

2016 Ford GT Engine

This upcoming 2016 Ford GT will most certainly have an engine worth talking about. This will be an EcoBoost twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine which is able to generate about 600 horsepower. This potent engine will make a powerful combination with the 7-speed transmission system. The estimated maximum speed of 2016 Ford GT could reach 210 mph and more.

2016 Ford GT Rear

2016 Ford GT Release date and Price

The final pricing for 2016 Ford GT is still unavailable, though there are speculations that it might have the staring price of $320.000. Although we still have to wait for its grand release, till the end of the 2016 year, the proud owner will have one more thing to be proud off and this is the fact that their vehicle will be one of the 250 2016 Ford GT created by the year in the whole world.

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