2016 BMW M8

BMW once again have left its rivals in the dust, with its brand-new, high-speed machine 2016 BMW M8. Even though most of the external and internal features remained the same this vehicle will be quite attractive to the sports cars’ fans. It will also offer impressive performance and low fuel consumption.  It will become a symbol of heritage combined with modern powerful craftsman shift.

2016 BMW M8 Front

2016 BMW M8 Exterior and Interior

Although 2016 BMW M8 will retain some of the BMW I8 features it will still be adapted to the demands at the market. Its whole structure will be built on the old I8 platform with the scattered carbon-fiber and framework made of metal. These light-weight materials will result in the reduction of the total weight of 2016 BMW M8 as well as better fuel economy. Despite of the high expectations when it comes to the exterior design, it is highly unlikely that it will have drastic changes but it will rather be a combination of M1 and I8 features.

2016 BMW M8 Interior

When it comes to interior design 2016 M8 will be well-equipped and improved vehicle. It will be furnished with the finest materials and will contain an impressive instrument board not too distracting for the driver. The seats will be quite cozy and leather-trimmed. Despite the uneasiness which is ever present in sports vehicles, 2016 BMW M8 will give quite spacious feeling for the driver and its one passenger. The technological advancements which might be applied in M8 will be latest audio system, automatic climate controller, cruise control, keyless entry, satellite navigation and Internet and Bluetooth connectivity. But there will be so much more.

2016 BMW M8 Engine

As for the exterior design nothing much has changed under its hood as well. The new M8 2016 will utilizing a 4.4-liter V-8 TwinPower Turbo engine which will be able to generate 600 and 650 horse power. In terms of transmission, it will have of an eight-speed automatic transmission which will enable this car sprint form 0 to 62 mph in around 3 seconds. The maximum speed this car could reach is around 200 mph.

2016 BMW M8 Rear

2016 BMW M8 Price and Release date

The price range has not been announced yet, still it is believed that the starting price could be $330,000 and it could even reach $500,000 which is much more probable concerning the luxury it offers. 2016 BMW M8 will reach the market during the second half of the year, 2016.

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