2016 BMW M2 release, interior, engine

The BMW M models lineup will become richer for one more immaculately created vehicle. This will be a new 2016 BMW M2 sporty machine able to override all its fierce enemies at the 2016 year’s market. With the unique and powerful appearance, and incredible performances this new model will most likely in short time attract a large number of potential buyers from all different layers.

2016 BMW M2 Front

2016 BMW M2 Exterior and Interior

The more elegant appearance has been sacrificed in order to gain more affordable price for the vehicle, which is actually quite good option. We think that because the 2016 BMW M2 already has the incredible body design which needs only slight refreshments and the one more desirable trait it could offer is the price which be daring enough. This will be a polished and well-shaped vehicle with smooth lining and great aerodynamics which will enable better driving sensation. Its platform will be the same one used for the previous models.  There will also a number of external colors to choose between such as Black Sapphire, Long Beach Blue, Mineral Grey, and others. The modern gadgets, new grille and 19 inches wheels will contribute to its attractiveness.

2016 BMW M2 Interior

As most of the sports vehicles the 2016 BMW M2 will have an outstanding interior design. All the controls will be near the driver and will be quite simple and functional. The control panel covered in soft plastic will be non-distracting and quite stylish. There will also be leather seats which could be heated and easily adjustable, and you can also choose the leather color along with the decorative stitching. There will also be a large number of technological accessorize as well as some safety features.

2016 BMW M2 Engine

The most important thing about the sporty vehicles is their powertrain choice. The 2016 BMW M2 will be using a 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six engine with the ability to develop the power of ranging from 350 to 400 hp. This engine will be paired with 6 or even 7-speed automatic transmission and will be a rear-wheel drive only. With this powerful machinery the BMW M2 will stand out from a long line of utterly fast vehicles and become quite popular among BMW fans.

2016 BMW M2 Rear

2016 BMW M2 Release date and Date

This upcoming model doesn’t have its official release date set yet but it is expected to occur at the end of the 2016 year. 2016 BMW M2’s incredible design and quality have spiced a price just a little bit in comparison to the previous models so the starting price for this immaculate machine will come to $55,000.

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