2016 Acura TSX

Acura is at the verge of making a revolutionary step at the car market, with its new, magnificent creation 2016 Acura TSX. It will attack from two fronts, with TL sedan and sporty TS version which will take this new model to the top place and the hearts of Acura’s fans. It will attract the potential customers with its complete makeover, impressive powertrain and low fuel consumption, but there is so much more.

2016 Acura TSX Front

2016 Acura TSX Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the new 2016 Acura TSX radiates with luxurious along with sporty look. It underwent slight but noticeable changes. It gained more refined appearance with its new chrome accents at the front of the car. The previous head and tail lamps have been replaced by LED day time lights. The same platform will be used except that it will suffer slight dimension reduction. So, it will be 2 inches narrower at the front and back and for an inch lower than its predecessors.

2016 Acura TSX Interior

One of especially appalling feature what this vehicle offers is how quiet it is. Its winnows are completely isolated and soundproof, so the driver will not be distracted by the outer noises. This isolating material has been inserted between metal sheet and the body itself. The interior will be quite spacious for a sports car and quite cozy and relaxing as well. The whole interior space is furnished with high-quality materials and has the leather upholstery. In terms of tech-adds 2016 Acura TSX offers modern audio system, satellite navigation, keyless access, air-conditioning, speed control and many more.

2016 Acura TSX Engine

This new model will provide us with the choice of two different yet impressive engines. The choice falls on the 2.4L cylinder or the 3.5L V6 engine which will be supplied with 9 speed electronic transmission. Another innovation has been made by the usage of the coalition mitigation which for the first time appears in Acura models. When it comes to the fuel efficacy this vehicle is believed to be low fuel consuming because of great throttle response. There will also be a number of safety systems, which will make your ride secure as well as care-free.

2016 Acura TSX Side

2016 Acura TSX Price and Release date

One of the attractive features of this vehicle is its price, which is quite affordable for the luxury it offers. The anticipated price for 2016 Acura TSX will be starting at $ 31 000. Though the exact release date has not been announced yet, it is believed that 2016 Acura TSX will hit the market till the ned of the year, 2016.

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